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What we do


  • Catalogs, brochures, flyers, calendars, ...
  • Electronic publication of the composition (DTP)
  • Banners, roll-ups, shields
  • Car stickers
  • Printed or engraved gadgets


    Dear Customers,
    We always try to accurately fix the price of our work done for you, bearing in mind the highest quality and to minimize costs and time needed to provide customized service. For the purpose of achieving our targets during the preparation of calculations, we ask you for inquiry including the parameters necessary for the evaluation.

    Let us determine precisely the cost of your work sending message including the information we ask for in our Calculation Form. 


    Flyers printed on offset and coated paper - Weight depends on the purpose of the work. Colours varied - from one color to the leaflets printed in CMYK and PANTONE. Refinement depending on the application: UV varnish, matt and glossy foil, spot UV varnish, etc. 

    Business card in printing is a kind of informational print. This is usually rectangular,  handy piece of paper, which bears business information  depended on the type of the card. Accompanied by moments of making friends, become an element of convention. It is a sign of courtesy and respect, and nowadays it can also function as an advertising. 

    One of the most frequently used advertising brochures. The type of publication which is  a small volume used to provide information on a particular commodity/service. It comes in various formats, has only four pages. 

    Calendar – a conventional, accepted in the community or culture of measurement of time. It divides the time to regularly recurring periods, usually associated with the cycles of nature. The name comes from the Roman word calends, or by other sources, from the Latin callendarium. Currently the most widely used calendar in the world is the Gregorian calendar - introduced October 15, 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII and is based on the length of tropical year.

    Catalog – a folder, protean advertising. It is usually a presentation of the company, containing a list of products and services offered for sale. Most commonly used for presentations in business location, at fairs, markets or exhibitions. This product may take the form of a book or a brochure. 

    A print in glued softback or hardback version sewn threads. 

    Posters are usually printed on coated (weight min. 135 gsm) in full color (CMYK), often with the use of spot colors and refinement of UV coating. Posters are sometimes framed in slats.

    The specified number of pages glued on one side. They can be glued to the bottom of the carton or pasted in the cover. Another proposal is mounted in a spiral.

    Carbonless forms are produced on NCR paper. Further copies may be in different (pastel) color. It is possible to glue the blocks of a certain number of sets. 

    Folders are printed on the cartons single and double coated paper or coated paper with a high weight. Printed in CMYK or PANTONE colors. Typically used with glossy, matte or spot UV varnish. For each portfolio a punch is prepared. 

    Sticker is a piece of foil or paper, usually having adhesive properties, which allows it to attach to the plane surface.Depending on the type of adhesive label has different characteristics; permanent adhesives maintain label permanently on the surface, glues with microsferic structure  allows movement and tracesless removing of stickers.